Do you want to cut your food waste in half and lower your inventory costs?

We help restaurants reduce food waste, over-servings and tied-up capital in stock by optimizing the raw material procurement process.

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Increased resource efficiency with data-driven purchasing

Optimize your procurements for future demand with the help of automated purchasing suggestions based on advanced AI forecasts.

Purchasing proposals for all raw materials, for all your units

The proposal considers data such as purchases, balance, consumption, events, weather and much more in the calculations. The proposals reduce the dependence on senior experience and speeds up the purchasing process.

Gain better insights on your wasteage, over-serving and locked capita

Via reports and our own dashboard, the restaurants' performance can be followed up per unit and raw material level. In this way, the restaurants' unique challenges can be identified and addressed.


Case story

"Brödernas has grown significantly over the past year. A large part of the growth is based on the possibility of creating a financially sustainable operation where each newly opened unit contributes to the expansion. By automating the purchasing process using AI technology from Binary Brains, we ensure a reduction in food waste and a stronger financial sustainability that allows us to grow further.”

Henrik Mattson

VP, Brödernas

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Brödernas ville få hjälp av Binary Brains för att minska sitt svinn samt frigöra kapital som regelmässigt var bundet i stora lager. Med hjälp av våra automatiska inköpsförslag har de utöver detta fått en mer effektiv inköpsprocess, mer funktionella lagerutrymmen samt snabbt kunnat identifiera och vidta åtgärder vid överserveringar. Inköpsförslagen skickas ut vid ordinarie inköpstillfällen via mail samt via integration till deras inköpssystem, Qvanti. Insikterna som tillhandahålls via mail och i vår dashboard gör det möjligt för restaurang och kökschef att själva ta kontrollen, vilket hjälper dem att minska svinn i realtid och öka sina restaurangers lönsamhet på ett aktivt och insiktsdrivet tillvägagångssätt.  

Optimized purchasing

Purchases and stock levels optimised
for future demand

Automated AI forecasts that optimize your purchasing

With powerful AI algorithms, we optimize restaurants' order quantity at every purchase occasion. Each restaurant and ingredient has unique calculation models that take into account thousands of influencing data points, from both internal and external data, resulting in robust forecasts with high quality and accuracy. 

Purchasing proposals with powerful AI algorithms as engine, for all your ingredients and restaurants

Considers thousands of data points from internal and external data

What to buy, when to buy. We keep track for you.

Take the next step from smart purchasing based on gut feeling to intelligent purchasing based on data, and optimize them for future demand and consumption. The suggestions are delivered to you via email, in our own system or integrated into the system you already work and feel comfortable with - you decide. In addition to the benefits of reduced wastage and freed up capital, our proposals simplify the purchasing process, release time from your staff and reduce the personal dependency of your units.

Simplifies and standardizes the purchasing process

Makes the process more time efficient and less dependent on staff

Integrated into your system - delivery on your terms

Increased insight, increased control

Get full insight into each restaurant's purchasing and consumption at raw material level. Become more insight-driven and take control of wastage, over-serving, tied-up capital and the restaurant's profitability. With monthly and weekly reports, managers are given insights in how they can improve their operations, and follow up on in-depth insights per raw material in our dashboard.

Increased insight into restaurants' purchasings and consumption

Identify wastage, locked-up capital and overservings

Follow-up via reports and dashboard

Streamline your purchasing and increase your profit margin.

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