Hawaii Poké invests in sustainability and technological innovation: "It's the perfect combination of human and 'robot'"


The restaurant chain Hawaii Poké invests in expansion and new sustainability goals with the help of technological innovation that will help them reduce food waste in all units.

Hawaii Poké were pioneers right from the start when they wanted to redefine the concept of what healthy food stood for in the Swedish market, and introduced the poké bowl in 2016. In addition to continuing to focus on expansion and development of the concept "From sunrise to sunset", the restaurant chain is now incorporating technical innovation to reduce food waste at all units.
They will be one of the first restaurant chains in the Swedish hospitality industry to build AI models to predict consumption of all ingredients in their menu.

"We have started a collaboration with the AI company Binary Brains to sharpen our sustainability work and reduce food waste by getting better at ordering the right amount of food, something that also ensures our access to fresh ingredients on a consistent basis across the country. In this collaboration, we also focus on improving our profit margin by using data-driven insights to optimize cost efficiency, something that reinforces our expansion plan in an economical and sustainable way", says Aaron Colman, founder and CEO Hawaii Poké.

"We look forward to working with the Hawaii Poké team and Aaron, a technology veteran who has transitioned from the tech industry in London and New York to a restaurant owner here in Sweden. Our shared passion for sustainability was the starting point of our collaboration, and it feels fantastic to be able to help them reach their high sustainability and expansion goals by reducing food waste this way. Ordering the right amount of food on an ingredient level in the menu will ensure a reduction in purchasing costs on all units as we can guarantee increased precision with the help of AI. It is the perfect combination of human and 'robot' and it feels exciting that the concept is being used in this way in the restaurant industry", says Jacob Kihlbaum, founder and CEO Binary Brains", says Jacob Kihlbaum, founder and CEO, Binary Brains. 

The restaurant chain has actively phased out single-use plastics and now only uses porcelain and glass in their servings, which has also meant the implementation of new kitchen routines.

"We believe in balancing consumption with an environmental responsibility and constantly strive to improve our methods," says Aaron Colman.

With 22 units in operation in Malmö, Gothenburg, Uppsala and Stockholm, Hawaii Poké has its sights set on international expansion. In addition to the technological investment, the "From sunrise to sunset" concept will also be implemented in all units by the end of the year, reinforcing the position as a sustainable and healthy chain that gives its customers, large and small, access to tasty and nutritious meals.

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