Do you want to cut your food waste in half and lower your inventory costs?

We help restaurants reduce food waste, over-servings and capital tied-up in stock by optimizing the purchasing process.

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Increased resource efficiency with data-driven purchasing

Optimize your procurements for future demand with the help of automated purchase recommendations based on advanced AI forecasts.

Purchasing proposals for all raw materials, for all your units

Our recommendations analyzes thousands of internal and external data points. The recommendations reduce the dependence on senior experience and speeds up the purchasing process.

Complete visability into waste, over-serving, and tied-up capital

With customized reports and our dashboard, restaurants can track their performance at item level, allowing them to identify and address their unique challenges.


Case story

"Brödernas has grown significantly over the past year. A large part of the growth is based on the possibility of creating a financially sustainable operation where each newly opened unit contributes to the expansion. By automating the purchasing process using AI technology from Binary Brains, we ensure a reduction in food waste and a stronger financial sustainability that allows us to grow further.”

Henrik Mattson

VP, Brödernas

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The hamburger chain Brödernas was looking for a way to reduce their wastage and free up capital tied up in large stocks. They turned to Binary Brains for help, and with our automatic purchasing reommendations, they have been able to streamline their purchasing process, optimize their storage spaces, and quickly identify and address overserving. Our purchase recommendations are sent out on a regular basis via email and integrated into their purchasing system, Qvanti. In addition, the insights provided via reports and in our dashboard allow restaurants and chefs to take control and reduce waste in real time, ultimately increasing their profitability in an active and data-driven manner.  

Optimized purchasing

Purchases and stock levels optimised
for future demand

Automated AI forecasts that optimize your purchasing

Our powerful AI algorithms optimize restaurants' order quantities at every purchase occasion by using unique calculation models for each restaurant and ingredient. These models consider thousands of data points, both internal and external, to create accurate and reliable forecasts. 

AI-powered purchase recommendations for all your ingredients and restaurants

Analyzes thousands of data points from internal and external sources

What to buy, when to buy. We keep track for you.

Upgrade your purchasing strategy from relying on gut feeling to using data-driven intelligence. Our recommendations, which can be delivered via email, in our own system, or integrated into your existing system, will help you optimize your purchases for future demand and consumption. In addition to reducing waste and freeing up capital, our recommendations streamline the purchasing process, free up staff time, and reduce the dependence on individual staff members in your units.

Simplifies and standardizes the purchasing process

Saves time and reduces staff dependence in the process

Integrated into your system - delivery on your terms

Increased insight, increased control

Gain complete visibility into each restaurant's purchasing and consumption at item level. Leverage these insights to control waste, over-serving, tied-up capital, and profitability. Monthly and weekly reports provide managers with guidance on how to improve their operations, and our dashboard allows them to drill down on in-depth insights for individual items.

Improved visibility into restaurants' purchases and consumption

Identify and address waste, tied-up capital, and over-serving

In-depth insights via reports and dashboard

Optimize your purchasing process and boost your profit margin.

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