Exciting collaboration with Generation Waste

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We are happy to announce another collaboration with an exciting company that also wants to help lower waste in the restaurant industry, with another type of method. And this is what they want you to know:

“Food waste in restaurants is something that gives many restaurateurs a headache. It is a challenge, to say the least, to always have enough food prepared – not too much and not too little. Both the wallet and the environment win by reducing food waste.

Generation Waste helps restaurants work systematically towards reducing food waste, which ultimately leads to lower costs. Generation Waste offers tools and inspiration to reduce food waste. With an application developed by chefs for chefs and training, you save money and can promote a sustainability profile with actual figures.“

Our friends will give you 10% off their services if you say hi from Binary Brains. How generous!

If you want to read more about Generation Waste go to

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